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What's the easiest way to create a orthogonal line (axis) to a plane

baumarbaumar OS Professional Posts: 53 PRO
Given a plane with a point on it, what would be the easiest way to create a (help) line that is orthogonal to the plane and matches the point?
I could create it in 4 steps using 2 sketches and 1 plane :
  1. draw a line on the plane through the point
  2. then create a plane based on the line that is vertical to it
  3. create a sketch based on that plane
  4. draw a line through the point and make it perpendicular

( like in this example https://cad.onshape.com/documents/03f0573a9712afd3833a505c/w/5ed41299064c9c223f97db04/e/865dfc1d9eb9dbce22a34f33 )

But I find that's a bit cumbersome, especially if you need more then one of them your document get's filled with help planes. Isn't there an easier way?


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