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Building Layouts (Floor Plan) -- Seeking Your Advice

mark_slusermark_sluser Member Posts: 9
I have constructed a building layout (floor plan) for a 2 story office space:


Does anyone have any advice on document structure, design or construction techniques that would be specific to these types of models?

Here is what I did:

All furniture has a folder that contains
-for each table, chair, desk, etc. type, a configurable part studio with 1 part. The configuration mostly varies the width, depth and height of the furniture.
-for each table and chair configuration, an assembly that contains configured table and chairs. The chair is fastened to table with a fasten mate and the chair may be replicated for larger tables.

All doors has a folder that contains
-for each door type, a configurable part studio containing 2 parts (door and door frame). The configuration varies the width, depth and height of the door.
-for each door type configuration, an assembly contains a configured door and frame and the door is fastened to the frame with a revolute mate.

Each level has a folder that contains
-a part studio with 1 part. The part has all the statioinary features for the level including the floor, walls, and cutouts for the doors and windows. For larger levels I divided the main top sketch into multiple rooms.
-an assembly containing the level and all door assemblies, furniture assemblies and or furniture. The doors are fastened to the doorway with fasten mates and the furniture is fastened to a wall edge with a planar mate.
-a top view drawing
-an ISO drawing

A couple of things to note:
-I started with a primary room and then adjacent rooms were dependent on that one. This became a bit difficult when I was trying to align the last few rooms, but it did eventually work.

-Most walls were created as simple rectangles that were joined with coincident constraints or a dimension of 0. This allowed me to adjust the overall X and Y dimensions of the room without too many cascading effects.

-Cutouts for door-ways and window-ways were put in another sketch. This allowed me to easily measure the area of each room with a single click.

-I added a mate connector to each wall edge and doorway corner. I realize now this was not necessary. Adding all the mate connectors makes viewing and editing the assembly noisy and there is no ability to filter or change the order of mate connectors. I am now in the process of removing these mate connectors and directly attaching the assembly/parts

-When adding the furniture to the assembly for the level, I was torn between adding assemblies or adding parts directly. I ended up adding assemblies of tables & chairs to the assembly for the level but it caused a couple of problems:
1. I could not change the configuration for each instance of the.
2. This required me to have a assembly for each configurable table and configurable chair.
3. I could not reuse mate connections if replaced one assembly with another
4. I could not generate a proper bill of materials, because the BOM app does not (yet) include parts in sub-assemblies

-Adding furniture to the assembly for the level, (even when in top view) was never flat with the floor. A mate was always required.

-Moving furniture around in the room was cumbersome and there were no functionality to distribute objects evenly, or evenly spaced in a room. I was hoping for some kind of snap or alignment guides but they are not available. I ended up using planar mates and then moving the furniture around by hand. Very tedious and things ended up being overlapped and i had to be careful picking them apart.

A few future ideas I have are:
-Don't use sub-assemblies so to take advantage of part configurations.
-Hope & wait for configurations to be added to assemblies.
-Break each room into an assembly... and then join the rooms together as a floor. This may require in-context parts but I don't know if is wise or what the benefits would be.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you,



  • MBartlett21MBartlett21 Member, OS Professional, Developers Posts: 1,833 PRO
    -Hope & wait for configurations to be added to assemblies.
    If you want to vote for assembly configurations, there is an improvement request here
    MB - I make FeatureScripts: View FeatureScripts
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