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Thread Pitch w/ ThreadCreator Tool

TarabichTarabich Member Posts: 29
edited February 2018 in Community Support
I'm a little confused regarding how to specify pitch. I'm not very knowledgeable in regards to thread but, I'm trying to make a square thread that has a pitch of 0.2 threads per mm (2 thread every 10mm). How would I achieve this with the thread creator tool?


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    TarabichTarabich Member Posts: 29
    Would the pitch be 5mm?
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    TarabichTarabich Member Posts: 29
    It isn't a "specified" thread, it was measured out by me, so should I be able to find the pitch by measuring thread per mm, or should I find the distance between threads?
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    michael_watsonmichael_watson Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
    edited February 2018
    When using metric units, threads description is based on pitch which is just the distance between threads. When using Imperial units, the thread description is based on TPI (threads per inch). So in your example of 2 threads for every 10mm, the pitch would be 5mm.***(maybe)

    ***Just to make sure I am understanding what you are describing, I did two quick threads. On the left is a 5mm pitch that shows 2 threads per 10mm (5mm pitch) and the thread on the right shows a 10mm pitch. Just remember pitch is the distance between threads.

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