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Drawing Balloon Label Bug

frank_weeksfrank_weeks Member, Developers Posts: 6 EDU
When inserting a Balloon in a drawing, I type the Label into the dialog and click accept. However, the default Label appear in the balloon instead of the one I entered. I am then forced to edit it (which works fine) to get the one I want. Minor bug -- hopefully quick and easy to fix. Thanks!


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    bobminerbobminer Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 50
    Hi @frank_weeks.  Thanks, but could you please try it again this way:
    • Choose the balloon toolbar button, which opens the dialog.
    • Enter your label text into the dialog.
    • Click in the drawing to create a balloon in the drawing, which should have that label text.
    • Edit the label again and click to create the next balloon, as the dialog will remain open.
    • Repeat as many times as you want. When you are finished creating balloons, click Escape on the keyboard or click the green checkmark or red X button to close the dialog.
    So the text you enter into the dialog is for the next balloon you create.  Thanks!
    Bob Miner - Software Engineer / Dev Leader - Drawings - Onshape, Inc.

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    frank_weeksfrank_weeks Member, Developers Posts: 6 EDU
    That's great! I should have figured I was missing something intuitive. Thanks Bob.
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