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Firefox Drawing Linear Dimension

Bill_MartinBill_Martin Member Posts: 26 PRO
I have a section view of a round part in a drawing and was attempting to put linear diameter dimensions to it.  In Firefox I can't seem to highlight the two parallel lines that form the diameter--they "activate" for a split second when I hover the pointer over them then go away before I can click the left mouse button to select.

When I go into the same drawing with the Chrome browser it is dead easy and works as expected. 

I assume this is an issue specifically in the Firefox browser, but if anyone can think of something I am doing wrong or do not have the same Firefox issue, I would be interested to know.

Best Answer


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,001 PRO
    I just tested it with chome and FF, they both seem to work the same to me. (I sectioned a pipe)

    Can you link your example? Maybe it is something specific to your section view or the shape of your part too.
  • Bill_MartinBill_Martin Member Posts: 26 PRO
    I tried again this morning and noticed that the "+" mouse pointer has to be visually below the horizontal lines and to the right of the vertical lines to wake them up.  Google seems to allow pointing directly on the line.  So, I guess its more of a minor annoyance in Firefox than something not working at all.

    Thanks for checking.
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