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Suggestion: Clearer Notes on Exercise 5.3 Intermediate Assembly Parallel Axes Distance

JoeORourkeJoeORourke Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
I'm new to OnShape so some things do not come as intuitively and most of my CAD experience comes from SketchUp so I do not know how clear this may be for other people.

For Exercise 5.3 - Intermediate Assembly when you get to Slide 27 it tells you to use the Parallel Axis Distance to validate the model, however, it is no clear how this specific measurement is obtained. For a while now I have been clicking on the center of the Large Arm Pin and the Small Arm Pin (towards the Front View) and checking the available measurements in the lower right hand corner. My first measurement was only 5mm! That's a big factor off. In some instances I was able to obtain a Parallel Distance, but I could not figure out if this measurement was just an updated call out or a different measurement (without knowing what this was specifying). Finally I realized that this measurement should be taken from the side (i.e., "Right") view, which I guess automatically measures center-of-pin to center-of-pin(?) which gave me the exact Parallel Axis Distance measurement.

At the very least I hope this helps others who are going through the tutorials and trying to get that OnShape Certificate!

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