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How to share one part to 2 revolute mates?

I am not sure if i have formed question properly, but i will try to show on example:

If you see, the middle green part could be moved together with blue one while rotating it. Also it could be moved by rotating purple if green are in properly (centered) position.
Any ideas how to solve this? Which mate types i should use? And is it possible to do this with onshape at all?



  • brucebartlettbrucebartlett Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 1,711 PRO
    I don't think you can solve this with a solution that satisfies rotations of the green with the blue and green with the purple and interchanging of the yellow, green and peach colored parts.  For this to work as per the real-life solution you would need some kind of boundary which allows for parts to interchange and only rotate when it is positioned as shown, this is not how the current mate system works. 

    It would be easy to get one side of the system to work with a group mate of the yellow, blue and green, and a  revolute mate on the blue to the grey part. 
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