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Configurations update: Edit FeatureScript IDs

kevin_o_toole_1kevin_o_toole_1 Onshape Employees, Developers, HDM Posts: 414
In addition to the other new features already mentioned, Onshape 1.78 added a piece of functionality specifically for the purpose of writing FeatureScript that builds configured Part Studios.

As you may already know, the user-facing names of configuration inputs and the user-facing names of configuration table rows can be edited at any time:

The above changes will only modify how the input is displayed. So, if another assembly, drawing, etc. refers a configuration of this part studio, changing these names will not break the reference in the other tab. Rather, the other tab will simply display the same configuration with a different name. The reason the above changes don't break references is that there is another, internal name for the configuration inputs and rows which is used inside of FeatureScript.

However, if you are writing a custom feature which builds a configured Part Studio, you will be directly using that underlying FeatureScript ID. Thus, it can be useful to change these IDs in order to make your custom features more readable, or to make the multiple part studios have matching FeatureScript IDs, or to follow some standard convention.

These changes can be made in a the new "Edit FeatureScript IDs" dialog:

1) If you are not writing custom features, you should not need to edit these internal FeatureScript IDs
2) If you are writing custom features that build configured Part Studios, this dialog is how you can view and edit these FeatureScript IDs
3) When editing FeatureScript IDs, be aware that doing so will break the configurations of other existing tabs which reference the Part Studio you're changing

Happy FeatureScripting!


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