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CAD De-feature for CAE

darren_13darren_13 Member, Developers Posts: 116 EDU
I use OnShape for most of my geometry creation, however when it comes to modifying other peoples geometry to de-feature, simplify and modify, unfortunately I have had to regularly use other CAD softwares. It would be really great to see some of the following features:

  • Remove holes smaller than 'x' in diameter/radius (input) optionally from solid (selection)
  • Remove details (rivet heads, embosses etc.) from face (selection)
  • Merge faces when area is smaller than 'x' (input) optionally from solid (selection)
  • Delete parts with volumes smaller than 'x' (input) (possibly a quick fix in featurescript script)
  • Push a surface out. An example of this is having a complex part with pipes or wires in the same part, pushing the surface of the wire or pipe to remove the feature would make a complex job of splitting and deleting efforless.
  • Fill small gaps (like edges coming very close with cylinders parallel to the edge)
  • Convert STL to solid. STL's are a pain to work with, however, for some reason they are impossible to get away from, especially if working with openFOAM (an open source CFD software), being able to open them, convert and de-feature them will be a huge help.
If I have some spare time I intend to tackle some of these with feature scripts however a majority of them I think need more than my tinkering.

Many thanks for reading,


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