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How to draw on a plane that's diagonal to existing part?

todd_beaulieutodd_beaulieu Member Posts: 4
Hello. I'm just learning OnShape and could use a nudge in the right direction. I've made and printed some mostly simplistic 3D parts with OnShape, but I'm stuck on a concept that I need for a part cooling fan chute. I designed a carraige fan mount and now need to direct the air from the fan's output to near the extruder tip. I need for the chute to be angled inwards at some angle, towards the tip, but also backwards a little to center the tapering chute relative to the tip. 

Imagine two rectangles end-to-end on one plane. Now rotate one of them upwards at, say 45 degrees. Next, skew it perpendicularly by some degrees. I've been unable to figure this out, or even know how to seek instructions on it.

Thank you for any tips.


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