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papawopapawo Member, Developers Posts: 206 PRO
Is it possible to multiple select say 3 faces with diff sides then offset it to create 3 new planes?
If not, is there another way?
It would be similar to offsetting or moving faces of a part but I need it to be plane.


  • larry_haweslarry_hawes Member Posts: 438 PRO
    You can create offset planes from almost any face, line, plane, vertex, etc. but not more than one at a time that I'm aware of. Select face>create new offset plane. Select another face>create offset plane. Rinse and repeat.

  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,895 PRO
    @larry_hawes is right it's one plane per command.
    A trick you can use is select the plane command; then select your face; hit shift+enter; select another face; shift+enter select another face shift+enter etc. etc.

    You'll notice the plane command will allow you to select more than one object but those secondary objects are for references to make the plane stronger. for example if you choose line angle as a plane type; you would want to choose a line and a relative plane (like the top planer right plane) in order to measure your angle from. this will keep it from accidentally flipping later on in your design when the definition of the line changes slightly
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