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undo versions to affect branch.

ruwo_n_aruwo_n_a Member Posts: 9
up until now, I had used onshape versions, but not branches. since I need a version of the part that fits a clients special requirement, I made a branch and edited it to spec. I find the icons at the top very confusing and accidentally clicked the create new version button a couple of times when trying to open the version menu. now, those versions(V2, V3 and the current main) don't have any changes in them. I do not want/need them. I do however want to make a change that affects both the branch and the current version. is there any way I can make the "first complete version" the main again? I tried merging to main, but that just takes that and puts in the current main, so changes don't affect the branch. the undo feature doesn't affect branch creation, for some reason.

all help is appreciated, I hope I didn't just irreversibly ruin hours of work.


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,873 PRO
    There is no way to remove a version. BUT if you create a copy of a document, it will start back at main again and clear the version data in the new document.

    To be honest, having extra versions doesn't hurt, if you (as a free user) without all the fancy rerease management tools, are using versions as a revision. Then name eash version that is a revision as REV XX, Approval, Release

  • ruwo_n_aruwo_n_a Member Posts: 9
    the issue is I need to make a change to the first complete version so that it affects the branch. I would like to delete the V2 and V3 and the current main as well, but it's not an issue if that's not possible.
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