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Problems with DXF Export

daniel_shookowskydaniel_shookowsky Member Posts: 11
This has burned me a couple of times and I'm wondering if there's a correct way to create parts or sketches to avoid the issue.  When I export a part as DXF - usually if it contains mirrored elements, the resulting sketch doesn't appear correctly in other tools (e.g. LaserWeb).  The kids on the robotics team designed this part - https://cad.onshape.com/documents/097b8a4e3ab7b4b4cbf3b6d6/v/5d728359b2c39a3dedebb63a/e/5b999b5f01d2fc950455dfca and we were going to cut it on the laser, but when I opened up the Bogie export, the right hole was in the wrong location, off the part.  I tried the same file in Inkscape (appeared correctly) and FreeCAD (same error).



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    PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 524
    @daniel_shookowsky On the export dialog, try checking off the option to "Set z-height to zero and normals to positive"  

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    daniel_shookowskydaniel_shookowsky Member Posts: 11
    That did the trick!  Thank you much.
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    corey_cassellcorey_cassell Member Posts: 1
    We are having a similar issue - again with robotics parts.  Exporting a DXF results in a corrupt file when imported into the CAM utility (OpenBuilds CAMGcode Generator) The original part:
    Ends up looking like this:

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