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How do I get my 3dconnexion 3D mouse to work?

charleycharley OS Professional Posts: 20 ✭✭
What's the secret to getting my 3D mouse working in OnShape? Works beautifully in "The other CAD software".

Best Answer


  • charleycharley OS Professional Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Cool! Now it works just as beautifully here. Life is good.
  • david_parrish115david_parrish115 Member Posts: 2
    OK... I just installed Onshape today. Looks good so far... Then, I updated my 3Dconnexion 3D mouse driver in hopes I could use it with Onshape... No joy. Well, a bit of joy, but all I can seem to do is zoom diagonally in/out. What is the magic to getting full functionality out of my 3D mouse? Thanks!
  • david_parrish115david_parrish115 Member Posts: 2
    Well... my 3Dconnexion Space Mouse is now working! Yippee! Not sure what happened. When the newest driver didn't make a difference, I rebooted the whole computer, hoping some magic might happen. Upon startup, the 3D mouse behaved the same as before. Then, a few minutes later... Viola! The 3D mouse works just like it did with SW! Yippee!!  I am a happy-camper, now!  All that is left is to learn how to use OnShape...
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