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Why does the mobile app require access to contacts?

andy_morris900andy_morris900 Member Posts: 8


Could someone explain why the Onshape mobile app requires access to my contacts list.

This is really putting me off from evaluating Onshape for future projects...




  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 2,691
    Hi Andy, the contacts is only for when you want to share a document with someone so that the email will autocomplete. You can turn it off at any time from your phone settings. 
  • andy_morris900andy_morris900 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks Neil,

    I went ahead anyway and, as you said, I turned off that permission before I started the app.

    I am impressed... A pity this isn't really my bag really. I'm a piping designer in the chemical/petroleum/pharma industry so parametric product prototyping simply doesn't work with likes of Inventor and SolidWorks, and hence Onshape.

    This afternoon my son and I were working on the same project. Very impressive... I can see this being a big hit as you improve it more and more. I think that one thing I miss is global parameters.


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