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Can a chat be added to the mobile app?

Dylan_StewartDylan_Stewart Member, Developers Posts: 106 PRO
I'm not sure if this is a topic for Onshape Mobile or would be better answered in the request...

I have a communication issue with some of my collaborations having to switch from one app to the other just to get some dialog going.
While this is a minor inconvenience, I feel that this should be very doable for Onshape.

I also realize there is a comment section in each part studio, but everyone has to be in the same part studio to see the comments....

If we are working on a large scale project and need to be in other PS and still need to communicate, a messenger/chat feature would come in handy.  
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Best Answer


  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,381 PRO
    I have just requested this too. About a year ago we had more discussion on this topic and came to conclusion that there are many free chat/voips available and basic cad features were more importantbut now when Onshape has the basic tools for actual work I would really like to have simple chat.

    It should be like RMB on collaborators 'letter' on top and click chat. Nothing too fancy to begin with but clear ui to know who is in chat and how to add other collaborators is same chat. It could be just text to start and build other features as needed. When ending chat, ask if I wan't to save as text tab.

    Or maybe there is 3rd party chat available which can be implemented into Onshape (browser&apps)..
  • Dylan_StewartDylan_Stewart Member, Developers Posts: 106 PRO
    edited September 2016
    Yes, I agree. Nothing fancy at all. Just a simple chat box like mentioned above so that the user doesn't have to kill or switch apps. 

    Much like the comment section (which is good for offline users) but an instant messenger to display live text.

    Digital Engineering
  • Dylan_StewartDylan_Stewart Member, Developers Posts: 106 PRO
    Accepted Answer
    Awesome!! Glad it's finally here!
    Digital Engineering
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