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Concurrent login limit?

luke_jaeger100luke_jaeger100 Member Posts: 28 EDU
edited December 2016 in Community Support
Hello, I'm going to be teaching an introductory CAD workshop (14 students) next week using Onshape. Instead of spending class time on getting 14 individual accounts set up, we thought we'd set up one generic account and log into it on all the classroom computers, so it will be ready to go when the workshop starts. Will this work? Is there a limit on concurrent logins to the same account? 

Each student will create and edit their own document - it's not going to be a 14-person collaboration - that would be a train wreck.


  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 24
    This is not advisable for several reasons. Big advantages of using Onshape is team productivity and visibility into each other's work. It may seem easy to start this way, but you will quickly realize managing documents by naming conventions (naming documents with user name etc) is more difficult and tedious than one minute of sign up time you are planning to save.

    I suggest one of you taker five minutes create a team and add 14 users to that team. Onshape internally creates accounts and send activation emails to team members. Only thing members need to do is setup password and activate account. That should take few minutes and helps you a lot in the long run.
  • luke_jaeger100luke_jaeger100 Member Posts: 28 EDU
    I understand why this isn't a good idea in general, but this is just for intro-level training, for users with no CAD experience. They will set up their own accounts after they're more familiar with Onshape.
  • Dave_CorcoranDave_Corcoran Member Posts: 6
    Hi @luke_jaeger100.  First, thank you very much for teaching Onshape!   To answer your question, there is no hardcoded limit. I have been involved in several intro courses - including courses that were one session only and as short as 50 minutes.  It really is better to set up individual accounts and it doesn't very long.  Onshape designed to work this way so we don't spend a lot of time testing test cases where many instances of the same user are logged in at the same time but we also don't have any limits - and it is not rare that a single user may be in several times.  In fact, often users use this feature to "collaborate with themselves".

    However,  accounts are meant to be individual and that is the scenario we test.

    That said, we are certainly not concerned about your use case.  It is up to you how to teach you intro class and to determine what approach will work best for your situation.

    It may not be possible in your situation, but we have done intro courses in a couple ways in the past.  One - we set the students up at the beginning of the class having them follow along.  It typically just takes a minute or two. Two - we send them email before the class with simple instructions to set up their account before the class and even create their first document.  At the end of the class, we also like to show a couple of unique features of Onshape, like how easy it is to invite a collaborator, set permissions, and that collaborator can get going immediately - as this is very easy in Onshape and very hard in installed systems.

    Again, thanks very much for teaching Onshape!  These are just suggestions - however you choose to help expand the Onshape community is up to you and much appreciated!

  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,459 PRO
    Usually when I work intensively I might have 5-10 browser tabs logged in at same time (different workspaces / documents opened) and few times also another computer or tablet too. I haven't seen any problems other than they tend to timeout since only couple of docs are opened for edit and others are just for reference.
  • 3D3D OS Professional Posts: 52 ✭✭
    While this (working with multiple tabs) will likely work fine in the Part Studio & Assembly tabs, you will likely have issues trying to do Drawings as OS does not as yet support collaboration in drawings.
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