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Palm Rejection for iPAD Pro with Pencil

alin_1alin_1 Member Posts: 8
What are your plans for implementing palm rejection in iOS? The fingers should just control orientation and zoom. All the geometry creation/ editing should be done with the Pencil.

At this time, I would not call Onshape optimized for the Pencil.  Look at Shapr3D for a great example of Pencil UX. 


  • PahlPahl Member Posts: 42 ✭✭
    I would also be interested in a reply to this as I was looking at upgrading to a ipad pro.
  • Ben_Ben_ OS Professional, Mentor, Developers Posts: 281 PRO
  • davidw34davidw34 OS Professional Posts: 13 PRO
    I agree,  the more I use the mobile app on the ipad pro with the apple pencil the more annoying the lack of palm rejection gets particularly when sketching.
  • AuroraRonAuroraRon Member Posts: 106 PRO
    Agree also, this is very much needed.  With there was more work on the APP.  It is only used now for viewing and not actually doing any work I find. It sure does not get the attention it needs.   It is far too limited at the moment so it more of a way of showing off drawing than actually doing any work on it.  Really hope they can catch up on it soon.   

    When mobile, the need to export a drawing and PDF to a someone is often needed and I can't do this.
    Sheetmetal or editing a PDF Drawing is also not possible.
    Many great updates to Onshape but the App does not get much attention.
    I ended up getting the iPad Pro and Pencil looking forward to using it but after many months now, still no ability to do any sheet metal work, edit PDF drawings or output any drawings.   

    Again, its more for show. That being said, having the ability to actually write on a a drawing with the apple pencil would make it very useful and save a lot of paper.   I do a screen capture and write on it at the moment. 

  • francesco_de_santisfrancesco_de_santis Member Posts: 6
    this is interesting. I'm trying to understand how well OnShape can work on iPad Pro/Pencil combo also. Comments are appreciated and so far looks like it's not working out and needs attention to interface better. I was hoping the app would allow a 3d modeler to use one hand/fingers to zoom in-out/pan/move center of attention while using the other hand with the pencil to use the drawing functions and choose through menu options. The general use of pencil and fingers being both fun and effective. Doesn't sound like that's what is happening now. Hope it evolves. I'm headed for full time life in a small RV and don't see a main computer in my future (not even a TV). Just iPad and iPhone.
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