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Mobile won't show dimensions

ValarMorghulisValarMorghulis Member Posts: 4 PRO
Hey everyone, I searched but didn't see anything on this topic.  I'm using the mobile OnShape on my iPad Pro.  But, one of the odd things is that I cannot manually define the dimensions.  When I double tap for the context menu, I press "show dimensions" then nothing happens.  The context menu disappears as expected, but no dimensions on anything show up.

Is there a step that I'm missing?



  • ValarMorghulisValarMorghulis Member Posts: 4 PRO
    Hey everyone, never mind.  Got it figured out.  I was missing the original portion of adding the dimension to the line/circle since it doesn't do that automatically on mobile.  Thanks!
  • carl_webbcarl_webb Member Posts: 1
    Same issue on ipad but still cant work out how to show/edit dimension.
  • rlegrand_Onshape_rlegrand_Onshape_ Member Posts: 2
    @carl_webb On an ipad, you can try the following steps:
    1. add the dimension(s) manually
    2. save the sketch
    3. select all or part of the sketch
    4. two-finger tap to show the context menu, and select "show dimensions"
    5. if you want to edit any dimension, just double-tap on it, and the number pad will appear, allowing you to change the number.
    Please let me know if that helps.
  • cornelius_corvuscornelius_corvus Member Posts: 2
    hello, I'm using onshap on Ipad PRO 2018 and I don't see the dimensions when I draw or edit a line, a rectangle, etc.
    maybe a display bug? do others have this problem?
    tips 4 : two-finger tap to show the context menu, and select "show dimensions" : nothing

    best regards

  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,033
    @cornelius_corvus you need to be editing a sketch, then add the dimensions manually using the dimension icon in the dropdown menu. Show dimensions only works if you are not in the sketch and dimensions have been added previously (it's a display only thing, not for editing).
  • cornelius_corvuscornelius_corvus Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much Neil ! It works !
    bad habits with the use of Shapr3D which constantly shows the dimensions of the edited forms .
    Sorry , I'm a beginner.
    Best regards

  • cris_camicris_cami Member Posts: 1
    Sorry, I’m new on this app and although all the above explanations I still can’t succeed in creating a rectangle (or any other 2D shape) by setting the dimensions with a text input box. I tried everything even using the context menu during the editing phase, but no dimensions icon appear over the iPad Pro 11’ mobile app. I was looking for a mobile CAD able to allow me to set everything with precision for any shape I draw, from coordinates position, to dimensions. Thank you
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,033
    Cue video from @steve_shubin ...  :)
  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 231 ✭✭✭
    edited May 4

    Sorry I couldn’t get to it earlier but I’m busy doing a seismic retrofit down in my basement right now. But I snuck away for a few minutes to do these GIFs


    The first GIF has been slowed down a lot. In fact when I press or tap certain buttons, I have dramatically slowed down what I’m doing so you can clearly see what’s going on

    The second GIF is played closer to realtime though that is even a little slower than how long it actually takes

  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 231 ✭✭✭


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