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Need advice how to redraw from old drawing for laser cut productivity

dennis_de_klerkdennis_de_klerk Member Posts: 14 EDU
Dear all,

I'm a pit rusty on my CAD skills and picked up only a while ago. I've got the basics covered again and ready to start working on design drawings of a small RC model plane.

I've found a very old drawing (80ies), see pdf attached. My idea is to make a 3D model in OnShape of this plane based on this drawing. So far so good and it'll have the ultimate goal to generate drawings that'll allow most parts cut from big nested sheets using laser cutter.

My Question: what is the best way to generate Sketches, Parts and Assemblies:
  1. Should I make a Sketch for every piece, extrude it into a Part and then assemble those in an Assembly? As such I'm sure to have all individual part that I could put in a nested sheet of wood, but I think it'll take more time to position all parts.
  2. So would the alternative of sketching multiple pieces in one Sketch work, generating 1 (?) Part of those multiple pieces and thereafter make the Assembly? I've noticed it's easier with all the snap functions for example. And for sure this proces will be a lot quicker, however I'm not sure if I'd be able to make nested sheets of all pieces?
Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Kind regards,



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