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Is there a better way to Assemble this project.

paul_bartlettpaul_bartlett Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
I was able to get it done but it was a struggle to assemble all the sub assemblies. Issues are as follows.
1: Every time I bring in a sub-assembly to another assembly I have to group everything again and again. Why do I bother using sub-assemblies with this project, group instead. or is there a better way?
2: When I rotate a group in the assembly to position it for adding the mate it moves jerky and slow and keeps moving everywhere my mouse has been long after I stop. How can I avoid this?
3: Can anyone see a better way to build this so the assembly process is not so Clunky? I realize this is not like a lot of mechanical assemblies where all the constraints are probably needed. 


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