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Viewing and Working through Transparent Geometry

This could be broken into multiple feature requests but they are all part of one problem I would like to see solved.  I am a long time SW user.  I design mechanical parts inside complex surfaces (saved as part bodies).  In a SW assembly, I typically have the complex surfaces in a transparent (translucent) view mode without edges shown.  The "mechanical" parts inside the complex surfaces are shown shaded with lines.  This allows me to move and view parts underneath the complex surfaces.  The complex surfaces often have lots of facets and when these surfaces are viewed in the default shaded (with lines) it is difficult to see parts underneath the surfaces. 

Onshape is missing the following abilities in order to accomplish what I have described:
  • Ability to assign different view modes to individual parts within the assembly. (Some parts shown shaded with lines and some shaded without lines)
  • Ability to click through transparent/translucent parts inside the assembly.  (In SW, holding the shift key allows user to click the transparent part)
  • A nice to have would be the ability to change the transparent/translucent mode of a part in the assembly rather than only in the part studio. This feature has been requested by another user.
Open to suggestions if there are other ways to view/work inside organic or complex geometry.


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