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Feature Request - #slack app

I use #slack and OnShape but I wish I could merge the two.  There's loads of apps for Slack but there isn't an OnShape one.  It would be awesome to get drawing notifications, updates, etc via Slack when a watched Drawing, Folder, or Comment updated in OnShape.


  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 364 PRO
    I agree - I would use this too! 
  • raj_Onshaperaj_Onshape Onshape Employees Posts: 82
    @marten_hutchison What are some of the things you would be liked to notified via slack ? At Onshape we use slack pretty heavily :)
  • marten_hutchisonmarten_hutchison Member Posts: 18 EDU
    Linking it to Comments would be good start.  If someone edits a Drawing (similar to the notification that the History has changed) that you're watching or adds a file to a Folder that you're watching.  That would be enough in my mind.
  • michael_hill596michael_hill596 Member Posts: 1 EDU
    I'd like to also voice my support for this. A Slack integration would be pretty killer. I'd love to be able to allow any changes to a document be notified in a Slack channel (part creation, changes, deletions, etc.).
  • marcus_bernsteinmarcus_bernstein Member, User Group Leader Posts: 34 EDU
    That would be SO cool!
    Any chance Onshape is looking for interns?

    Philadelphia User Group Leader
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