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Unexpected Behavior of floor function

nicholas_aarestadnicholas_aarestad Member Posts: 11 EDU
edited December 2018 in Using Onshape
I've been experimenting with using the floor and ceiling functions for various instance counts, and there's one behavior that's got me scratching my head.

I have a configuration variable called #length.

When I use this in a Pattern Feature feature, I use this like floor(#length/in)

For most values, this works fine--  except that for integers, the value is 1 less than the actual value.

For example for #length = 24 in, the function returns 23. ceil() seems to be unaffected.

If I just directly input the value as 24, I get the expected floor(24)=24.

Is there something weird going on here with the unit division?

Apologies if this has already been asked about, but I couldn't find anything in the documentation or previous threads about this.


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