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How do I stretch a panel in a single direction (y) from the when it has been extruded in (z)?

john_carstenjohn_carsten Member Posts: 5
I've created a panel with specific features such as lightening holes and slots that I need to stretch from the middle in a single (y) direction or axis.  The panel was extruded in the z direction.  I don't want to stretch from the ends as that may distort the existing features. I'd like to add a few inches to the middle of the panel as it can grow symmetrically in a single axis.

Best Answer


  • patrick_farleypatrick_farley Member Posts: 32
    You could increase the sketch before extruding
    that would increase the size of your panel
  • patrick_farleypatrick_farley Member Posts: 32
    For exemple
    your starting part

    if you want to increase size in the middle, then the design intend should reference dimension for the edge (LEFT/RIGHT)

    Increasing this to 4 inch does not have any issue on the feature on the side.

  • john_carstenjohn_carsten Member Posts: 5
    thanks Patrick but there isn't a sketch it was an imported file, looking for another way. 
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 2,082
    edited February 14
    @john_carsten, in that case, you will have to use Move Face. You can box select all the faces on one side (including holes and slots) and translate them, then do the same to the other side. 

    -OR- if the part is symmetrical, cut it in half, use the Transform feature to move it by the distance you want, create an extrude to fill in the gap that was created, then mirror the whole thing.
    Neil Cooke, Director of Technical Marketing, Onshape Inc.
  • john_carstenjohn_carsten Member Posts: 5
    That's great Neil!  That is what I'm doing.  Appreciated the insight from everyone.  
  • owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,219 PRO
    Sure thing, it's like that here :+1:
    Production Engineer
    HWM-Water Ltd
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