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How do I add annotations to sketches?

john_kalinowskyjohn_kalinowsky Member Posts: 3
Hello all,

Brand new to Onshape after 10+ years of SolidWorks, and pushing/struggling my way through a trial to try to learn this software. I keep looking for the SW equivalent and, for the most part, have found it for the things I am working on. 

Is there a way to add annotations to sketches? I don't want to add text that would become part of the feature, I want to add a comment to a dimension or sketch entity to remind myself what it is. In SW, this would be done via annotation - is there an Onshape equivalent?



  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,186
    Hi @john_kalinowsky - welcome to Onshape! You cannot add annotations to sketches, but you can add comments to dimensions by using /* */ comment blocks. It's not ideal and you need to edit the dimension in order to see it, but it can be helpful when detailing a model. Please feel free to add an improvement request.

    While you are on your trial, you can either post questions here or contact support directly (from the ? menu), whichever you prefer.
  • john_kalinowskyjohn_kalinowsky Member Posts: 3
    Ugg. Ok, thanks for the feedback. 
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