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Assembly configuration dependent part numbers

engineering_deltapengineering_deltap Member Posts: 13 PRO
edited September 2019 in General
Hi All 

I am trying to improve / automate your internal parts lib. of repeat parts in this case  cartridge valves 
the problem is that each type of valve can have several spring ( operating ranges ), seal types , adjustment types ( inhex, external hex , hand knobs , protective cover , etc ) as well as sizes 
I can get  all the model configurations to work without to much fuss but the part number it a nightmare to say the least. 
I there a way to make the part number a bit more intelligent and use the info from the configurations to " generate " the correct part number based on which configuration is selected  
e.g. valve_type-(#size property)-(#spring property)-(#adjustment type)-(#seal type)



  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,381
    @engineering_deltap - This is a very good request and you are not the only person that has asked for this. PLEASE submit an enhancement request - we tally these every three weeks to help us prioritize work - the more hits, the sooner it gets done :)
    Philip Thomas - Onshape
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