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Covid-19 Ventilators design / modification

TimetrekerTimetreker Member Posts: 7 EDU
Hello everyone,

First of all, I hope everyone in this community is ok and safe. If someone suffered any loss or is struggling at any level due to the pandemia, from my heart I can tell you that I hope and have the faith that everything will improve.

Recently I found from a New York Times article that automakers and current ventilator manufacturing companies are looking for ways to design and ramp up production of those devices. The quantity that governments have at hand are very limited. I found in the same article that people modified existing ventilators to be used in more than one patient and the time. Also the same article states the following:

"Ventilators are basically air pumps with motors controlled by circuits that make them act like lungs: the pump pushes air into the patient, then stops so the weight of the chest can push the air back out."

I wonder if this community can come up with not one but many designs that can be used as ventilators by modifying appliances we have at hand and maybe using 3D printing manufactured pieces that can be needed to make the design work. I know the variables are huge and all cases can be different, but if we can come up with a "general design" that anyone in the world can follow, modify and adapt with what they have at hand will be very useful. Or even design a "simple" ventilator that can be manufactured and used in this difficult times.

I know there is a regulatory barrier that should be addressed, but ANY help at this point will be more than welcomed and potentially with the benefit of saving lifes. I think this is moment when a platform like OnShape can leverage the crowd sourcing design / modification of ventilators that will be needed. I think OnShape is the tool to do it and do it fast.

Maybe I am out of my mind, but I think there is a chance it will work. The knowledge and skills of the engineers in this community can make a difference. Please let me know your thoughts.

Here is the link to the NYT where you will find the article. You will find the part I am referencing under the "Produce ventilators and oxygen" section


Stay safe.


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