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Imported STEP assembly disintegrates on rotation in Assembly model

TransistorTransistor Member Posts: 11

I've downloaded a motor STEP file and imported it to 404867.step. All is well until ...

... I try to rotate it in my assembly drawing. As you can see, I've selected the motor assembly on the Instances navigator but only part of the assembly has rotated and parts 1, 2 and 3 have been left behind.

Any ideas on how to lock the parts together?

Many thanks.


  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 468 PRO
    You can use the Group constraint to quickly lock the parts together.
    Just select the Assembly in the Instance list (as you did) and then select Group.

    Good luck!
  • TransistorTransistor Member Posts: 11
    Nope, but thank you. I had done that. Here's my procedure.

    Figure 1. 1. Select part. 2. Part selected. 3. Group. 4. Done.

    Figure 2. Select the part and rotate. Bits of it are left behind.

    Assembly drawing: RoboMower.
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,345
    Import into Part Studio, then create a Composite Part. Then insert into assembly. 
  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 468 PRO
    edited April 13
    When I look at the assembly, the two parts that are left behind (the non-selected ones in your images) are parts that are in the First Instance of the assembly (404867 <1>)...but you're trying to move the 2nd instance (404867 <2>). 
    For me, the 2nd instance moves exactly as expected, but the 1st instance doesn't.

    Also, you have two groups, and the both include the 404867 <2> instance. 404867 <1> parts are not in any Group - and are not fixed relative to themselves.

    Here's what I get when I mess with it:

    Hope that helps,
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