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Circle diameter snapping or automatic equal diameters when making multiple circles

Jordan_EnglundJordan_Englund Member Posts: 8 PRO
edited November 2021 in Using Onshape
The sketch fillet tool allows you repeatedly make sketch fillets where each fillet defaults to the first fillet's radius (and is automatically constrained with equal radius).

Is there the ability to do this when making several circles in a sketch?

How about a way to have successive circles snap to the diameter of the first circle (and automatically become equal diameters) if you drag them to approximately the same diameter?


  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 444
    @Jordan_Englund I have created a ticket for this, as it's an improvement we have for sketch circles.  
  • Jordan_EnglundJordan_Englund Member Posts: 8 PRO
    @PeteYodis Does that mean that it is a feature that exists but isn't working for me? Or does that mean that the feature doesn't exist yet but you plan to add it later?
  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 444
    @Jordan_Englund It means the feature does not exist yet, but I have added you to the improvement for it via our ticketing system.  
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