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How to select ?

Toshimichi_OdaToshimichi_Oda OS Professional Posts: 44 PRO
Hi, everyone.

See document

I cannot select faces quickly in editing feature:
    'Delete face:: How to select?' in Part Studio 1
 or 'Extrude:: How to select?' in Part Studio 2

How to select faces ?


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 4,315
    Hi @Toshimichi_Oda - you'll have to make document public. Also, I am not sure I understand the question?
    Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
  • Toshimichi_OdaToshimichi_Oda OS Professional Posts: 44 PRO

    I think the document is public.

    Can't  you see or copy edit it?

    I was confused because I cannot click immediately after editing the feature in its copy.

  • dirk_van_der_vaartdirk_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭
    I made a copy of your document and I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, it looks weird what you are doing.
    Maybe have a look at the learning center first?
  • wayne_sauderwayne_sauder Member, Simulation EVP Posts: 283 PRO
    edited March 29
    You can't use delete face on a flat single surface. 
    I'm not sure what you are trying to do in part studio 2 but one guess is that you cannot extrude 2 faces in the z-axis and one face in a y or x-axis all in the same feature.  
  • Matthew_CurranMatthew_Curran Member Posts: 10 PRO
    @Toshimichi_Oda I think I understand what you are asking, please correct me if I'm wrong. I wasn't able to figure out what the issue is with part studio 1, but in part studio 2 I was able to find that the state of hidden, shown, and deleted parts is a bit odd. It appears as though the original part 1 was hidden after the second extrude feature was used. Now when you go back to edit that feature, your parts list does not indicate that it is hidden, but it is hidden from the model space. I was able to roll back to before the second extrude feature, show the part, then enter the second extrude feature and then I was able to select the faces of that part. See the attached video, I hope this helps in some way.

  • Toshimichi_OdaToshimichi_Oda OS Professional Posts: 44 PRO

    Hi, @dirk_van_der_vaart

    you wrote:
    > ... what you are talking about, ...

    As you say I have what I want to talking about.

    My English is not so good.
    I am looking forward to the Japanese translation of the learning center.

    Hi, @wayne_sauder

    you wrote:
    > You can't use delete face on a flat single surface.

    At first I thought I was doing something I couldn't do.

    But Onshape is very good and very flexible.
    A flat single surface can be wholly deleted by 'delete face' without warning and error.
    (I will not go into detail here whether it is an error or a warning or not.)

    It is possible to extrude two or more faces or sketches toward normal of the first entity even if they have different norm vectors.

    Hi, @Matthew_Curran

    I done the same things as you.

    Thank you for your video. It make the problem to be understood.

    * By making 'Surface 3' hidden after 'Delete face ..', 'Surface 1' is hidden while roll back before the feature.
      If you make 'Surface 3' shown after the feature, 'Surface 1' is shown before the feature.

    * We have no way to know whether 'Surface 1' is shown or not before using roll back or editing delete.

    * While editting the feature, it seems that 'Surface 1' is shown, except non-bold 'Surface 1' not listed in parts list.
      I clicked many times until I fount that it is hidden.

    * For making 'Surface 1' shown, I must do one of the followings.

        = Cancel edit
          roll back before the delete, make 'Surface 1' shown
          or roll back after the delete, make 'Surface 3' shown
          enter editing again.

        = While editing, unselect face
          There is 'Surface 1' in feature list. Make it shown.
          Select face which is made to unselected.

        = While editing, change from 'Leave open' to 'Heal' or 'Cap'
          (In Part Studio 2, change from 'Solid' to 'Surface')
          There is 'Surface 1' in feature list. Make it shown.
          return to 'Leave open'

    I think there is something strange.

  • dirk_van_der_vaartdirk_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭
    Try to understand this part of the help file
    https://cad.onshape.com/help/Content/extrude.htm?tocpath=Part Studios|Feature Tools|_____1
    About selections, add, delete etc.
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