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Stainless Steel Braid

lukasz_piziaklukasz_piziak Member Posts: 8 PRO
Does anyone know how with Onshape Stainless steel Braid can be acheved? With Render Studio I can not find anything what may look as a braid.
On attached image braid was modeled (AutoCad) and rendered (3dsMax). Any ideas?


  • lukasz_piziaklukasz_piziak Member Posts: 8 PRO

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you very much for these 31 easy steps. I will definitely try this method and share my results with you. I agree that it may not give a 3D feeling like the real geometry, especially where you can see a cross-section.

    I was able to import curves into Onshape and create a 3D model of each braid wire. Unfortunately, the document is quite heavy, and any attempts to make further modifications like adding new parts or cutting the braid end have resulted in no success.

    I hope that Onshape will eventually provide an option to render curves with a thickness, similar to what is possible in 3DsMax.

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