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Mountain biker, coder, podcaster, blogger, mechanical engineer, technology junky, coffee lover, husband and father of two!


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Onshaper, avid mountain biker, outdoorsman, hockey goaltender, mechanical engineer, technology geek, blogger, podcaster, coder, husband and father of 2.


  • jim_reilly
    I posted on the instructor discussion but being new to onShape I wanted to see if you had any advice given urgency with our classes switching to online over the past week.

    I am electrical eng by training but have started teaching an intro to eng high school class. Interested in using onShape to introduce students to using CAD and to create some basic designs that we can later print on our makerbot 3d printer. 

    Is there an outline or instructors guide for what online courses to use from onShape and in what order to help give a basic introduction? I am transition to online instruction for my students and this appears to be a good way to introduce cad and 3d design while also introducing a 3d cad tool that is commercially used by many universities and companies.

    Thanks an advance for any advice you can offer.
    Jim Reilly
    [email protected]
    Intro to Eng Teacher
    Santa Fe Christian High School

    March 24
  • rune_thorsen229
    It would be nice with the possibility to "Undo accepted answer" when a better pops up of if you click by mistake.
    March 3
  • chris_przybylski
    I'm looking into Onshape; currently a SW user. I'd like to switch to OnShape but I see there is no ability to create/edit drawings on an IPad which is one of the top features I would like. Is there any way to be notified when that specific feature is added?
    February 10
  • Haibing_Wang
    Hi Lou, 
          Do you have any plans for adding features to Onshape Bom for google sheets?

    February 9

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