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Will GLTF and GLB format be supported ?

Rufus31415Rufus31415 Member, Developers Posts: 18
Will it be possible one day to import or export CAD files using the GLTF/GLB format ?

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  • Rufus31415Rufus31415 Member, Developers Posts: 18
    The goal is to view a simplified model in a web page (WebGL) or in a AR/VR glasses such as Hololens. The final purpose is to present a model or a concept interactively to a customer or during a show. But you are right, it is not a pure CAD file.
    Just for the record, GLTF format is supported by Blender, SolidWorks 2019, Unity, Unreal, Maya, Sketchup, OpenCascade, Wordpress, Sketchfab, Microsoft Paint3D or Facebook 3D video. So, it may become a standard for web and augmented reality
  • billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers, User Group Leader Posts: 1,414 PRO
    edited March 2019

    I've been reading up on gltf and have your same feelings. If it's embraced, viewers will be a thing of the past allowing us to view anything in any browser. With the cloud & webGL, I'm hoping industry wide adoption of gltf.

    I can't speak for Onshape, but I believe their graphics is tuned for parametric CAD and gltf will never come close to it's efficiency. But, it'd still would be nice to have a gltf export regardless of how slow it'll be. I want OS graphics on my website and gltf is the best way to do it. Bring it on!

    I've added a link for this display list export IR.

    gltf export IR:

    obj export won't render in webgl. I understand the want to conform to a desktop standard, but I'm hoping for a newer standard which is more compatible with webgl & the cloud.

  • Rufus31415Rufus31415 Member, Developers Posts: 18
    OMG  <3

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