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How do I get the vertices at the corners of a planar face?

Aaron_HooverAaron_Hoover Member Posts: 35 EDU
I'm creating a FeatureScript that generates a half lap joint between two rectangular solids that are overlapped. (One half of the joint is shown below.)
I'd like to be able to generate a sketch on the plane that results from the Boolean (the "check" of the half lap) and position the sketch with respect to the resulting geometry. I'm able to get that face using qCreatedBy, qOwnedByBody, and qLargest on the Boolean tool I used to generate the geometry.

After that, I thought I could pass the query for the face to qOwnedByBody and specify EntityType.VERTEX to get the vertices, but that query resolves to nothing. Are vertices (and edges, for that matter) not owned by faces? If not, what is the proper way to query for the vertex positions for just this face? 


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