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Frame text box

Asgeir_SætherAsgeir_Sæther Member Posts: 2
Hello, i am quite new to oneshape and having troubles removing the frame om the text box. it apears on the drawing when i do a printout. Can anyone help me here?


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 1,914 PRO
    Can you give a screen shot or a photo of what you mean?

    Text boxes don't have frames.

    Are you using a table with one cell to create a text box?

    Or is it a dimension?
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 2,266
    Or is it sketch text? If it is, then this is meant for extruding to make 3D text. If it is a true drawing (not a model), then use the Note tool.
    Neil Cooke, Director of Technical Marketing, Onshape Inc.
  • Asgeir_SætherAsgeir_Sæther Member Posts: 2
    edited January 17
    Thanks, that solved my problem :)

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