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Why isn't a custom (user inputed) pitch value not allowed for "tapped" hole features?

StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 366 ✭✭✭
I recently had a need to model a M12 x 1mm threaded hole to accomodate an off the shelf component.  

The only pitch values available to me are those in a limited selection list. Why can't I override the pitch value?

Two additional comments:
  1. The "Tapped" for hole type term really should be "Threaded". Tapped implies a specific manufacturing process to produce threads; there are other equally valid means to create a threaded hole.
  2. When using the Hole feature to create a threaded hole there is no visual indication that the hole is threaded. The lack of a visual indication makes it more difficult to understand important aspects of the part design by simple visual means. 
An option to add a helix type curve to the Hole feature, representative of the actual threads created, would be really helpful and should not result in much of a graphics performance penalty, especially compared to modeled thread geometry.    

Even something as simple as applying a texture map, or a color difference from the base part for threaded holes would be very helpful. 

(Please do not suggest the use of the Thread FeatureScript to model the thread geometry. That is not a practical solution.)  


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