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Weldment Profiles - Convert sldlpf to Onshape sketch

chrisjh777chrisjh777 Member Posts: 187 ✭✭✭
I have extensive libraries containing Solidworks Weldment Profiles with .slflpf extensions.  I have been trying to import my weldment profile libraries into Onshape so I can use them as sketches.  The only cumberson method I can get to work sucessfully is:

1. Open each .sldlfp file in solidworks,

2. save it as a sldprt,

3. Extrude the sketch to a nominal length (say 10mm)

4. Import the sldprt into Onshape,

5 Use move face command to get the desired length.

Is it possible to use some smart method to convert the sldlpf files to Onshape sketches or do I have to do it the hard way?


  • chrisjh777chrisjh777 Member Posts: 187 ✭✭✭
    @john_mcclary I am aware of the beams feature, but I want to use my own exclusive profiles as well as standard profiles.  I could redraw each profile fron scratch in Onshape but was looking for a way of using my existing Solidwork files.
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,021
    @chrisjh777 that’s the only way to do it. You can take it one step further by creating a blank drawing template then use SolidWorks Task Scheduler to process all the sldlfp files in a folder. The batch file should:
    1. Open each sldlfp file and save it as sldprt 
    2. Extrude the profile 
    3. Create a drawing using the blank template 
    4. Create a 1:1 view
    5. Export as DXF

    Then at least you can import all the DXF files into Onshape. You would still have to manually import each into a sketch and run the Beam Profile Generator though.  
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,716 PRO
    I've taken the time to make a native onshape lib which takes advantage of configurations.  Once you set it up there is no better option.

    I would create an assembly is SW, extrude all the profiles that can't be made sizeable by config variables. Extrude them all. Bring them into the assembly centered over the origin.

    Import the asm in one part studio.
    And create a sketch for each profile and window select the edges and click "use".
  • chrisjh777chrisjh777 Member Posts: 187 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the responses.  I will think about a stategy for my profiles.  I am thinking it would be easier to start again with Onshape sketches.  Will be some work involved but the outcome will be worth it, if Onshape ever incorporates Weldments in the future.
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