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How to add edge to helix sweep?

omri_romri_r Member Posts: 10

I'm have a sweep along helix over a cylinder.

Depends on the helical pitch, some time I get an edge on the inner part of the sweep and some time I don't.

I actually need this edge because I use it for tangent mate a ball into the bottom of the helix in an assembly.

Here are images to explain.

With helical pitch of 14mm I get the following with edge in the inner part of the thread (I need this edge):

With helical pitch of 16mm I get the following (no edge inside the center of the thread):

Is there a way to add the edge to the 16mm pitch?


Any help would be really appreciated.



  • bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 544 PRO

    I simply added a split line to your contour and did two sweeps, one with each region of the sketch.  Is that what you are after?

    I do not know why different sizes give you the split automatically...

  • omri_romri_r Member Posts: 10
    Thank you very much (also for the fast response)!

    I haven't tried that yet.

    At the end, the goal I want to achieve is to use tangent mate a ball into the helix thread.

    The edge was a work around since from some reason I got error when tried to tangent mate the ball surface to the thread surface.

    If you have any idea why I get this error and how to do it right, this would be excellent.


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