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Have something weird when I mirrored part.

I made the half sketch, so the headlight bucket would fit inside, then mirrored, then pasted it into the main sketch. It will extrude the "center" bolt holes but it won't extrude the actual center. I can't select the center or all the lines. What did I do wrong?


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,716 PRO
    The center area is not enclosed

    You can tell by the color:
    The inside is white so you will need to find the gap. It will be located by one of the end points where two lines meet.
    The easiest method is to draw a line and try to section off the sketch is small bits, then see where your broken line is.
    @bruce_williams created a nice animation of this process here:

    Your gaps are here in the blue circles here:
    You should go back and clean up that area properly.
    Also, try and keep the detail to a minimum when sketching. these sketches are pretty "busy" which makes them hard to read and debug.

    Also try and take advantage of patterns when possible,
    explicitly defining every feature like you would detail on paper, or 2D CAD is not recommended in parametric CAD.
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,716 PRO
    edited January 14
    In other words, instead of this

    It should be more like this

    Hole sketch
    Only 2 dimensions needed, everything else is a pattern or a constraint that is driven from existing geometry

    Have a look here:
  • robert_brown153robert_brown153 Member Posts: 6
    I was working backwards... I have the bucket with no cad drawing and the rear and outer edges is really curvy and has parts that stick out, plus the outer lip isn't very big... in some spots I only have 3/16's of an inch clearance. I'm making the holder for my 1989 26' UHaul stealth camper. Mine currently has round headlights changing them to 6x7 LED's. And the holder and backing ring, also doubles as reinforcing the fiberglass hood near the hinges. It likes to crack right there. That is another reason why the cutout is off center by an inch to fit in the current headlight hole. So I was working off the bucket edge holes and the curves. Easiest way was to use the center line then center the holes and line them up vertically. That is why I have so many construction lines and measurements. I made a 1/8 in clearance over the .25" holes then connected them to get the inner cutout. I just copied and pasted a bunch of holes and then dragged them where they need to go. So I hadn't got to the point to consolidate / get rid of all the non needed measurements. Before I take it to a shop to be made.

    It would be nice if they had a hide measurement and construction lines button while you are drawing.

  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,716 PRO
    It's no problem, :) If the model creates the desired shape, then it is not "technically" wrong :)

    I was merely pointing out some undesirable practices that can be increasingly difficult to manage.
    It is not necessary if you only have one part to worry about, and you will never update it. But when you need to make down the road changes, or work with a group of people. It can be a disaster.

    I work with people who have been modeling for many years and they still sketch like that. Which means nobody slapped their hands early on. Now they are dependent on bad habits and they make their job harder on themselves because of it. It is hard to not say anything sometimes, please don't be offended.  o:)
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,024
    It's also good practice to keep sketches as simple as possible. Perhaps break it up into 2 or 3 individual sketches/features - draw the outside and extrude, then the inside and cut out. That way you minimize the clutter while keeping the design intent.
  • robert_brown153robert_brown153 Member Posts: 6
    edited January 14
    I tried fixing it... but couldn't... it was screwing up the sketch, or couldn't resolve, so I started from scratch and instead of mirroring it, I just drew the whole thing. When I was messing with it, it kinda looked like there was multiple layers of lines on top of each other.

    I used only 4 construction lines this time. Before I used the measurement and coincident to place the holes and circles. I was using the interrelationship of the holes to come up with the center cutout... and got rid of some of the actual curves. So I put a .25 hole then a .375 circle to get the cutout edge, then tangent lines to the next circle.

    For some reason after I was done snipping off the unwanted parts of the circle, if I deleted the diameter measurement, it would start messing with the lines connecting to the next circle.

    As far as the straight lines... couldn't get the mid point to work, so I could center it on the construction lines... So I just split the measurement, not sure what the issue is...

    Anyway... it's done and I sent it off to get made... August was the last time I played with this program, this is my second foray into the breach...

    BTW... this is what goes inside the cutout...

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