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Document Tree, like one would find in a family tree. Is there such a thing?

I'd like to see a tree showing the top level document parts and what led to them and all the way to the original part when derived in a document. For a derived part it would be nice to see the source and the derived tree to the original part. I often will have a base part that is tailored along the way up to the final use. Perhaps several layers deep. This same base part may be used in other documents while along the way. This is to make it easier to find the part source and where it has been edited along the way.

Hope this makes sense...

Also is there a way to have one flag to indicate there are derived items that need/ may need to be updated? I have a document with 12 derived parts and if I put them in folders that make sense in the document using them I would have to open each folder to find if they need updating.



  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭
    I like this idea. I was thinking a little bit this morning about how I'd like to see connections, history, and context around my parts/assemblies. I think it varies a lot by what I'm trying to do at the moment. 

    Some times, I want to see the progression of revisions for a part. However, if I'm planning on making some changes, I might be interested to see the history of that part. Right now, I can see the history within a document (but have to sort through changes to other items in the same document). I can also the the revision history, but that only shows a few select snapshots in time. 

    It would be neat to see something that shows 1) document moves, 2) derives, 3) branches and 4) branch merges. 

    This way, if I'm making a new revision to a part, I could see if I should start from an existing branch, go back to a pre-derived model, etc.  
  • dana_kelley262dana_kelley262 Member Posts: 31
    I agree. Also then if clicking on a listed document in the part tree would open that document time would be saved.
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