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Animated Assembly, Part Interference, and basic new user questions

dana_kelley262dana_kelley262 Member Posts: 31
edited January 2020 in Community Support

In the above document assembly is a linkage design. It animates fine but I have a few questions.

1. In the design are two short arms, Pivot Arms. These arms cannot drop below the axis points. Yet if one spins the large gear by hand or grabs another of the arms to animate sometimes the small arms drop below the their stationary axis. How is this possible?

1a. Adding rotational limits on the small arm's picot axis fixed the issue, well, I think it did.

2. Is there a tool to detect Interference between instances. Another way to ask, when two instances occupy the same space is there a way to detect it automatically? I notice a couple of linkages touching which may jam the linkage.

3. Somewhat Off Topic, Is there a tool to detect when two parts occupy the same space in the parts studio?

4. There are rotational limits on the large gear of + and - 1440 degrees. This sometimes animates and sometimes not. Why? or How is this done? And why can't it start from say -360 and go to 0? I would like to spin the gear in a selected direction to observe the results.

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