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Move / Copy mesh

paul_lowmanpaul_lowman Member Posts: 3
I have a mesh imported as  a .obj file which has duly appeared in a new part studio. I also have a design of parts in another part studio with which I wish to incorporate the newly imported mesh. I cannot seem to find any way to either move/copy the mesh to the existing part studio or move/copy the design to the new part studio containing the mesh.

In the end, I redrew the design in the new part studio.

Is there any way to achieve this?

In addition, can a mesh be used in an assembly? In a similar way to a sketch?



  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,018
    Meshes are only for use as a reference in modeling - they cannot be used in assemblies. To reference parts from another Part Studio see the Derived feature.
  • billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers, User Group Leader Posts: 1,406 PRO
    edited May 6
    I use meshes a lot.

    To move a mesh, I usually figure out where the mesh origin should be and draw curves (3d fit spline or other curve). With 2 vectors (curves) you can create a mate connector with proper origin and orientation. Put another mate connector on the origin.

    Then it's easy, use transform with 2 mate connectors.

    This is the best way to move a mesh around and also tweak it into place.

    ***I do use my own curve derived from the original fitspline Ilya wrote a while back. If you're interested message me and I'll send you a link to the feature script. It's not much code but I find it useful for this type of operation.

  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 278 PRO
    @billy2 - Can you describe any more about what your featurescript does? I'm curious about what you've learned about working with meshes as I've got a couple of projects where I'm using 3D scan data and would like to explore methods for fitting geometry to my scans (without doing everything manually). 

    P.S. - I have also enjoyed your motorcycle projects. Going to go back in read through those posts again. 
  • paul_lowmanpaul_lowman Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Neil - derived is what I was missing ...
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