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Moving parts between assemblies / documents.

douglas_clarkdouglas_clark Member Posts: 11
In the image below I've highlighted 2 subassemblies, I want to get all if the parts from the 2 subassemblies into 1 subassembly.
Ideally the top one but at this point I'm frustrated enough not to care.
The assembly Drive Train is a separate doc inserted into the top level doc that Cooling system is a subassembly in.
So far if I drag the parts from one to the other I get the message "Operation cannot be completed as it would modify a saved version.".  If I copy and paste the parts from one to the other the pasted parts go to random positions and not where they were in the original.

If I could I would turn versioning off completely, I seem to be constantly creating versions so I can see design changes to parts in higher level assemblies, I get the function I think but it feels like its getting in the way when its a 1 person project.

On versions, how do I clean up the below?

I cant remember why the branch happened an don't care, I tried to merge to get rid of the branch and failed, Ideally I'd like to be able to get rid of the branch, where I'm at now in B1 is the main event.
I'd like to get rid of the old versions as well these were only created trying to keep up with the versioning being driven by child parts and assemblies.

Best Answer


  • douglas_clarkdouglas_clark Member Posts: 11
    Hi John,

    Thanks for the help.

    On the versions read what you said then read it slowly, had a lightbulb moment, so that you greatly for that.
    On moving the parts that also worked, I'd not properly noticed the differences in the context menus between selecting something from the tree as opposed to from the tab.  So that helped a lot also.

  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,855 PRO
    Glad it helped 👍
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