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Holes w/ Countersink on curved surfaces

tom_augertom_auger Member Posts: 57
Hi folks! I'm still struggling with easy hole creation on curved parts.

Consider the following steps to create a simple "pipe" shape:

1. On the Top plane create a new sketch
2. Sketch two concentric circles
3. Extrude to form a short pipe (20 mm depth)

Now, let's suppose I wish to create a hole through the wall of the pipe (e.g. along the X- or Y-axis), with a counterbore, in the dead centre (vertically / along the z-axis)

Can someone walk me through, step-by-step the following two scenarios:

A) create a hole in the centre of the pipe through one wall with the counterbore on the INSIDE
B) create a hole in the centre of the pipe through one wall with the counterbore on the OUTSIDE

I can achieve the above with offset planes, but I don't like that method because if I ever change the dimension of the original sketch circles, I have to move the offset plane manually.

I asked a similar question on this forum and it was suggested that I uncheck "start at sketch plane", but this hasn't been working for me to get a precise depth of counterbore.

Below is an example of what I'm looking for, in case I didn't do a good job describing what I'm trying to achieve.

Thanks in advance for the advice! Always learning....

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