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Applying draft to a circular disk / rib?

Eric_92Eric_92 OS Professional Posts: 19 PRO
Probably easy, but trying to figure it out - I'd like to apply a draft angle to the disks in the attached screenshot - what do you use as the neutral plane in this case? or how do you create one? Ideally I would use the base of where they hit the main shaft as the start and apply the taper radially.

My "hard way" solution was going to sketch in the draft and create the disks using revolve...

Best Answer


  • brucebartlettbrucebartlett Member, OS Professional, Mentor, User Group Leader Posts: 2,119 PRO
    I think your revolve method is the best way to go it will be the most accurate control. I don't think the draft tool will work here. 

    Another option maybe the "chamfer" tool just set to a large distance so it blows right through your face, you might struggle get control. You could also use the "move face" to reposition after the chamfer feature has been created to get the correct position

    Engineer ı Product Designer ı Onshape Consulting Partner
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  • shashank_aaryashashank_aarya Member Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
    @Eric_92 another way is you can split the entire part into two by central plane so that vertical disc faces will also split and you can apply draft to those split faces at two opposite directions. After that you can once again combine the two split parts into one by Boolean operation.
  • Eric_92Eric_92 OS Professional Posts: 19 PRO
    Thanks everyone. I ended up simply sketching the draft and using revolve & fillets, then linear pattern. This community is awesome, cheers.

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