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Trying to form a helix on a circular profile that is swept on a 3D spline

doug_curtisdoug_curtis Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
I am doubting this is possible without a LOT of special head standing operations that are probably outside my pay grade but,

I am wanting to make a Helix that follows a swept circular profile that follows the path of a 3D spline.

To understand why, I am trying to make a feature to represent a knot that is tied with vintage style fabric covered twisted lamp wires.  I can make the straight portion no problem but making it curved in 3 dimensions seems like it might not be doable.  I can make a single wire version bu just making the 3D spline and sweeping my profile along that (though even that is tedious) and I suppose if I was REAL good, I could make a pair of 3D splines that are twisting around each other while at the same time following a path to form a knot.  But, I am not that good.

Any thoughts are appreciated.



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