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shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 826 PRO
edited February 2021 in Product Feedback
It would be nice if there was a way to delete all configuration controls in one swift moment.  The workflow I use is this.  I have a master assembly of a particular type of product.  This assembly contains other sub assemblies.  This master assembly is extremely configured.  There is often around 30 different configuration controls.  What I do when a new product needs to be derived from this master assembly is I set the controls to there desired settings.  I then release the assembly which also releases the sub's and parts.  I then copy the workspace and replace the sub assemblies with the newly released versions.  I am now left with many configuration controls that are inactive.  Leaving them there creates a problem when making drawings and accidentally selecting different configurations.  Selecting different configurations does not change the model but can cause the final release of the newly created product to release multiple part numbers for the same thing.  If there was just a button that could be clicked to just wipe away the controls it would be so great.  To take this further, sometimes there are sketches and mates that are using configuration variables to solve.  If the deleted configuration controls button also caused the items looking for the variables to automatically replace there formula with the calculated value at the time of clicking delete, this would be a super double awesome.


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    lougallolougallo Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 2,002
    @shawn_crocker Do you have an example you could show me to illustrate what clearing needs to be done.  I have a good idea but it would be helpful to see an example of what you want to do in bulk.  
    Lou Gallo / PD/UX - Support - Community / Onshape, Inc.
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    shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 826 PRO
    @lougallo I can certainly provide an example.  How would you like it a screen video?  outlook meeting?
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    shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 826 PRO
    Again, is there some way I can provide you with a concrete example.  There's only so much typing that can be done to explain this functionality.  
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    shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 826 PRO
    Could we do a screen call over zoom or something? I perform this labourous task many times every day. I would love to demonstrate it to you. I'm thinking other people who do the same type of designing may benefit from my style of workflow but the real benefit would come from being able to wipe out the controls with one click.
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