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Creating belt between two pulleys

gluebabygluebaby Member Posts: 2
Howdy, I'm sort of new to CAD, but I'm creating a rock tumbler for my sister. I have a pretty basic setup, and so far everything looks alright, and now I'm trying to create a belt between two pulleys. 

I've attached an image there. The pulleys look very gear-like because originally I was going to use gears, but I decided to go with a 3D printed timing belt instead. I've tried using curve patterns, manually sketching, etc, but can't figure out a way to generate a belt with teeth that match up with the two pulleys. The document is here: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/1c3f0bc7f43db3702e5291e2/w/16bfc5996eedb58af46b1170/e/4cca6effcc7d9333c9678bd0

If anyone knows how to do this, some tips would be great. Thanks!


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