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Featurescript Request: Consolidate PCBAs

sam_hollandsam_holland Member Posts: 20 PRO
I have a workflow I use most of the time to take complex PCBAs from vendor sites and turn them into simple STEP files and I'd love to know if this is something I could automate with a featurescript. I don't have much experience but would absolutely love to learn if I had time

Many PCBAs I receive from vendors or clients come in as multiple assemblies with hundreds of parts. This becomes overwhelming quickly and takes a while to load. 

Here is how I streamline these files:
1. Create a new part studio and upload the files
2. Open the top level assembly and create a new part in context
3. In this new part studio, copy parts in place using the transform tool
4. Use the composite parts tool to make a closed composite part
5. Export this part to a STEP and re-import into a new file

This workflow works really well when importing parts from mcmaster that are in assemblies but could be treated as dumb solids as well!

Is this something I could automate? Thanks in advance!



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